Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Antidepression drugs are killing us!

The following is from Marijah McCain a World Class Naturopath from Herbal Healer Academy:

I want to start out with the most alarming information that I know you are not aware of. This information is NEVER told to the public. Understand that the North American doctors have written prescriptions for over 50 million of these antidepressant drugs. Prozac is the first one in a long line of clones... ProzacTM, CelexaTM, PaxilTM, ZoloftTM, LuvoxTM... What in heaven's name is going on here... "This country has witnessed extreme increases in suicides, murder/suicides, domestic violence, mothers (parents) killing children, road rage, school shootings, bankruptcies, divorce, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS,& fibromyalgia, since these serotonergic drugs have become so popular."

"SOME of the cases you may be familiar with are: Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hartman (ZoloftTM); ProzacTM was found in the van of Mark Barton, the Atlanta day trader, who recently killed his family and others on a shooting spree before killing himself; Neal Furrow, the LA Jewish school shooting, was reported to have been court ordered to be on ProzacTM along with several other medications; the Salt Lake Family History Library shooting & school shootings in Littleton, Colorado 
(LuvoxTM); school shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, Springfield, Oregon and Caldwell Idaho (ProzacTM); another boy in Pocatello, ID in 1998 who in seizure activity from ZoloftTM had a stand off at the school;15 year old Chris Shanahan (PaxilTM) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman; the shooting at the lottery in Connecticut last spring by Mathew Beck (LuvoxTM) that left five dead in a
murder/suicide; the New York City Subway bombing by Edward Leary (ProzacTM); little 10 year old Timmy in southern Florida (ProzacTM); Nick Mansies (PaxilTM) in New Jersey who was convicted of killing a little boy who was selling cookies door to door; in Orange County, CA, Dana Sue Gray (PaxilTM) who co-workers described as a caring nurse killed several elderly people; Officer Stephen Christian (ProzacTM), one of the finest officers on the Dallas Police force, who ran into a 
police substation shooting fellow officers and was killed; 12 year old Chris Fetters (ProzacTM) in Iowa who killed her favorite aunt; David Rothman (ProzacTM) killed two co-workers and himself at the Dept. of Agriculture in Ingelwood, CA.; William Evans (ZoloftTM) shot one co-worker at the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services before shooting himself in Columbus, Ohio; Winatchee, WA where 43 people were wrongfully imprisoned in a false accusation of sexual abuse 'witch hunt' fury started by a child under the influence of ProzacTM and PaxilTM; Christopher Vasquez (ZoloftTM) killed Michael McMorrow in Central Park; Megan Hogg (ProzacTM) duct taped the mouths and noses of her three little girls and took a handful of pills; Vera Espinoza (ProzacTM) in Randolph, VT, shot her small son and daughter before shooting herself; and elderly man (ProzacTM) in Layton, UT axed his wife and daughter to death; Margaret Kastanis (ProzacTM) used a knife and hammer to kill her three children before stabbing herself to death; an elderly man (PaxilTM) in Dallas, TX. strangled his wife before shooting himself twice in the chest; Larramie Huntzinger (ZoloftTM) blacked out and ran his car into three young girls killing two in Salt Lake City, UT; Mary Hinkelman (ProzacTM) a nurse in Baroda, MI 
shot her two small daughters and her sister before shooting herself; Lisa Fox (ProzacTM) shot her small son and her dog before shooting herself in Brighton, MI; Debi Louselle (ZoloftTM) shot daughter and then herself in Salt Lake City; a father in Wyoming shot his wife, daughter and baby grand-daughter then himself after only days on PaxilTM... the list goes on and on.

A few additional famous victims: Princess Di (ProzacTM), Monica Lewinsky (ProzacTM, ZoloftTM, EffexorTM, SerzoneTM and Phen-FenTM), President Clinton's ex-partner Jim McDougal (ProzacTM) and more... The latest figures show that there have been 44,000 adverse reports filed with the FDA, and 2500 deaths mostly suicides and murders. The pharmaceutical manufactureres have been sued, but make huge, out of court settlements to keep this all out of the press. We have the entire 16 page report available for you on the Internet site.

People, this is very scary stuff - 50 million North Americans on this crap! No wonder it isn't safe to go outside! The government is trying to make all these tragedies look like a gun control issue. In my opinion the Million Mom march should have been on this drug issue. How many of them are on these drugs and allow their children to be drugged with Ritalin and the likes... Why would a government want all its people drugged like zombies? Easier to control, I should think. 
Easier to get them into the "computer census system", easier to snow them with their lies on the news... People, stay awake and don't take this poison. Get a copy of the article and pass it out to people you know are on these medications. Do you want to leave your children in day care when the person in charge is taking this stuff? We as a people have got to stop this and how we stop it is to say NO and don't take the crap. Flush it down the commode. These medical people actually 
have the nerve to tell you these drugs are addicting and you have to take them for life. Addicting? I thought there was a war on addicting drugs in this country!!! Nice money maker for them, wouldn't you say... 

I know many people who have cold turkeyed these drugs. You can do that or you can reduce the dose a little each day, but no matter how you do it, or how you help your friends, neighbors and loved ones to do it, get them off this stuff. It is pure poison not just for the body but in my opinion it is deeper than that, it blackens the soul. These drugs can influence a person to do some terrible things that they would never have done on their own. Their soul will pay the price. 
It's time to rally America and get involved!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dating is Hairy Scary!

A man once told me that a woman he had met had used her high school pic on the dating site and she was now 50 something years old.  Okay, that's quite a stretch - I dare anyone to think they look absolutely the same as they did in high school.  Over 40 years?  I actually looked way better in my 30's than I did back in high school.

However, I have to admit that the pic I use on all my accounts, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc., is not as recent as it should be.  But being from an entertainment background, I know you're supposed to lead with your best foot (pic) forward.  So, yeah, my pic is 21 years old.  Of course I've changed, but I didn't realize how different others see me than I see myself until I showed up for a date and the guy didn't recognize me and thought I was the waitress!

His pic was only a year old, but he too looked totally different in real life.  Not as burly teddy bear as he appeared on film.  A much smaller man than I normally prefer.  He was no Brad Pitt, but pretty men don't turn me on anyway, so it wasn't going to be a problem for me.  After the initial shock, he seemed to be okay and we had a nice day.  But, apparently, he was being overly polite or didn't have the guts to say, you're not what I expected so let's just call it a meal.  

Nine years ago I lost my eldest son in the army and I literally turned gray in a matter of hours.  I colored it and the majority of it never returned, but I do have grays occasionally pop up in various places.  I try to keep up the hair cuts and the perms (so my hair at least looks the same as in my pics).  I know I need to exercise and get back into a healthier rhythm and I have great plans to do so (don't we all!).  I'm also in the middle of getting my teeth fixed because whomever said you only get two sets never met me or my kid!  So I've had to go have a bunch pulled out every once in a while because there are too many in my mouth.  It's a slow project due to having no dental insurance (self-employed writer here), so I have to pay as I go.  But I'm not some weird-looking Hillbilly who doesn't brush or floss.

But, even to this day, when I pass in front of a mirror, I stop and ask that woman there, "Who are you and what have you done with Jordan?!" (I know you're not supposed to use a question mark and an exclamation point together, but it feels so good!)  The loss of my son has taken a toll on me all the way around, but that's no excuse for me not to try and stay on top of things.  It's just, good looks don't guarantee happiness.  When I was (as my long time friends say) "smokin' hot", I still didn't date much or have a ton of guys falling all over themselves to ask me out.  I've always been focused on my writing and directing.  But I have had my share of heartache, bad dates, good dates and I was even married for 11 years.  I divorced back in 1985 and haven't been looking to remarry, even though the ex did.

Apparently growing up or age doesn't change the fact that women are audio creatures (hence we love deep voices and ugly rock stars) and men are visual creatures who think they are entitled to Victoria's Secret models (regardless of what the man looks like!).  Sure, everyone is attracted to good looks, don't get me wrong there, but by this age haven't we earned the right to have wrinkles?  Our body shape less than beach material?  And besides, you know - don't you - that all the pics they use on those dating sites are not real people looking for love (or sex) but models hired for the shoot?

Just like the majority of money is held only by 1% of the American population - George Clooney/Angelina Jolie - looks also belong only to 1% of the population and the rest of us are just normal.  Face it, if people only held out for movie star-like spouses (that they seriously believe they deserve), the population would die out!  So let's hear it for normal people who smile and laugh and love and bring color and excitement and children to an otherwise dull world.

And screw the good-looking freaks!