Saturday, September 3, 2011

Males who wear pants around their thighs are idiots!

I am thrilled that Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong got booted from an airplane for refusing to hike up his low slung pants.  About time somebody started calling boys on this practice.  I say "boys" because I can't believe a REAL man would care to wear his waistband around this thighs.  It is one of the STUPIDEST practices I've ever seen and, since I worked in Hollywood for over twenty years, I've seen a lot.  I don't care if your white, black or green, pull up your damned pants.  I'd rather you walk around in no pants then to wear them like that.  What does it symbolize?  What does it accomplish?  Do you think you're going to score so quickly with a girl (can't believe a REAL woman would be attracted to that) that there is no time to unbutton your pants and pull them down?  

I think we should all step on the hems of all pants that are worn around someone's thighs or the bottom of their ass (not sure which they're trying to adhere to) when we walk behind them.  That way, their pants would fall and they would have to pull them back up.  A day of that would have them wearing them the way they were intended.

Who finds this attractive?  It looks like you can't manage to dress yourself.  It's amazing that guys spend all that money on clothes and shoes just to wear them half-assed.  Why bother to wear pants at all.  There's some guy in New York that stands on the corner in his BVDs.  Why not try that, at least it makes a commitment - on or off.  If I wanted to see your tidy-whities or your boxers - I'd date you.  But I wouldn't be seen, let alone go out - with a guy who couldn't manage to pull up his pants.  What's a matter?  Too many moving parts?  I'm just saying...


  1. HEHEHEH I worked at the bank inside walmart and one day I ran out to get a candy car and the guy in front of me's pants fell all the way down and the guy behind said "maybe you should buy a belt boy!" lol. I saw cops approach kids to tell them to pull up their pants hahaha. It was looked down on in Hopkinsville. I miss that!

  2. So how do you feel when females that are Tomboy like do the same ignorant mess.It's not just the boys nowadays.

  3. I agree with you Jay B. Males AND females who wear their pants down low are an "ignorant mess". I don't care what their sex is, what nationality they are or where they live. They just simply show the world they have no respect for themselves. And these are the kids who are one day going to run the world? I don't think so.