Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ann Romney is a jackass...

Why should women be paid equal to men, you ask - MRSsssssssss Romney?

Let's hope your (probably) philandering husband does not decide to leave you, because you'd find out why the hard way.  Oh, wait, does your daddy have money to support you?  Maybe that's what you'd rely on.  It is daddy's money - right - because in your world - women don't deserve any, including your mother.  Because your hubby (and apparently you) want to destroy all women along with their rights.  That way if your husband left you, you would have no recourse because you would have no rights!

Maybe, like Jackie Kennedy, you've been paid to stay with your husband and so you aren't worried about finances.  But in my opinion, it's a good thing you're married because beliefs like yours make you too stupid to be able to support yourself outside of your marriage.  What's your arrangement with him?  You make the money and support me and I'll give you sex on your birthday!  It would be amazing if he hasn't cheated on you, with ideas like yours that have clearly been fed to you throughout the years, you must be a really boring woman.  No wonder he's running for president, that way he doesn't have to spend time with you.  Boy, there are an awful lot of women for him to choose from out there on  the campaign trail.  And some of them are just as stupid as you

Wait!  Wait!  That's right - you cheated on him!  You already had a commitment with him but you hedged your bets by screwing another guy in case your meal ticket fell through.  That is what it has to be, you married so someone would support your lazy ass.  You are one of the last women I would want to see as First Lady.  With pre-fed thoughts like yours, and your inability to think for yourself, all of it makes you less than qualified to represent our nation.

Sure, everything on is probably all made up by the GOP to get everyone's goat, but you'd better watch out because it will backfire on the Tea Party, the GOP and all those fools out there that think you can keep poking the sleeping lioness without worry.  One day you'll wake up to find the stick you've been using, your arm and shoulder will be gone and that lioness will be moving closer.

Bon appetit my sister lioness.

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