Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Enough Hours In The Day

Okay, who do I speak to around here to get more hours put into a day?  C'mon, I have to write, edit and read my books, e-pub them, market them and then start all over again.  Then read my friends' books, give feed back and then tweet and FB.  Who decided that we needed so many hours of rest?  Why couldn't we just regenerate a couple of hours?  Think of all we could get done.  I'd have more time to make my movies (if I had the money!), write more books and scripts, meet my friends for lunch or cards.  Advise my niece on her singing career.  Talk with my son and his wife and my three grand kids - not to mention - fly out and visit them.

Why can't I be like my favorite electric car?  Just plug me in for 45 minutes and I'm good to go!  The car gets 300 miles to the charge, how 'bout I get 300 hours?  I'd have time to work out, ride my Harley, play racquetball, chase my cats, wrestle with my dog, hang with my friends, kick Carl's butt, listen to the classic rock radio, watch Sons of Anarchy & Dexter, Big Bang Theory and catch up on all the movies I've missed since forever!

I should have myself cloned - but I'd be afraid that the clone would get all the fun stuff and a hot boyfriend and I'd be stuck washing the dishes!
Okay, I'm done now.  For now. 

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