Thursday, December 20, 2012

Congress should take the cut! I'm just sayin'...


If we didn't do our jobs we would get demoted, fired, suffer pay cuts, etc., etc.  But those bastards (yes, Dems and Reps alike) in Congress and the Pres have us on a fiscal cliff of their own creation and they get to keep their jobs!  They say there is nothing to do but CUT! CUT! CUT! services and benefits to the American people.  But you don't hear about them offering up their golden umbrella retirements or their pay days as a way to finance our future.

No, no, it's okay for kids and their families to lose their homes to foreclosures because the Banking Industry and Wall Street are greedy.  It's okay that the Banks and Wall Street sold our children's futures down the proverbial river and then get bailed out BY OUR TAX  MONEY.  It's perfectly all right to let the Rich run wild, consuming the resources of our country without having to shell out any additional small dimes to cover their extravagances.

But those bastards in Congress (who ARE the Rich, by the way) are keeping their high pay checks and yet, fiddling while the Country burns.  They get their dental, medical and retirement NO MATTER that the Middle Class has shrunk to half during the last year alone!  Regardless that the Middle Class has lost their homes and their children have to depend on school lunch programs for at least one full meal per day.  Why doesn't that make you mad?

Those bastards in Congress can AND will cut Medicare, Social Security and any service that sounds like a handout - even though the Banking Industry got a handout.  Because nothing galls a person suffering financially more than hearing someone else is getting a handout.  In fact, I'm betting that Social Security will disappear in my lifetime and I'm 56!  And still we sit by silently letting the bastards stick it to us over and over again.  To what purpose?  To keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

Congress has been raping the American tax payers (meaning the Middle Class) for years and they are syphoning off the money into overseas bank accounts so they can "fly the coup" when America implodes financially.  The Rich can then live in other countries "high on the hog" they have raised while the devastated American populace fight amongst themselves like rats trapped in a cage.

Don't think so?  Ask yourself what has happened to all of America's money?  Don't be fooled by "their" manipulating statements that the federal government is overburdened by too many social programs.  If they get you to watch what the right hand is doing, you won't be paying any attention to what their left hand is doing.  All they have to do is get us to fight amongst ourselves (like we did during the pre-election months) and we won't do a thing about what is really happening right in front of our eyes.

How far do I think "they" will go to get away with what they are doing?  Brace yourselves.

I am not a member or believer in the NRA nor do I own a gun.  However, I do have eyes and I've been noticing a lot of manipulative crap going on for many years now.  You can check the history on the internet if you don't believe me.

My heart and soul goes out to the parents of the children who died or were wounded in the school shootings.  Having lost a child myself, this is something I would never have wished upon anyone - not even an enemy.  But it is my firm belief that the shooter was manipulated by the same group within our government that is tearing our country apart financially and with purpose.  Nothing rips to the bone of human beings like the loss of children.  Not only is it devastating to those personally involved, but it reaches out and touches the lives of any thinking, feeling human being.

It is now on every news station, in every newspaper, magazine and the internet.  Funeral after funeral keeps it fresh (as well it should be) and keeps people talking about that.  About the shooting.  But not the fiscal cliff or any of the myriad of other fiascos this country faces.  Not the demise of the Middle Class.  Not the hungry school kids.  Not the homeless Middle Class.  But, more importantly, it gets us talking about gun control.  Which I have always been for.  If you have to have a license to drive, why not a license earned after going through a gun course?

But you see, those of us who have kept track of all the Government sleight-of-hand-tricks, saw this one coming.  Only the loss of children could move enough Americans into action and away from the realization of the government manipulation of our people.  Do I actually believe that our Government could be capable of such a horrendous, premeditated act?

You bet your ass.

Ask yourself, why would that young man kill his mother and then feel he had to go to the school and shoot others?  Isn't it too bad that he turned the gun on himself so that we can never ask him?  Just like the manipulation of the "supposed" shooter at the Batman premiere where, several minutes after the shootings, the police conveniently "found" the suspect sitting in the back seat of his locked car in a "drug-like" stupor - a virtual trail of the gun-used, mask, ammunition and Kevlar vest leading from the back door of the theater to the car.  Why did he just drop everything?  Why didn't he try to drive away?  If he wanted to be caught, why not stay in the theater and continue shooting?  He certainly wasn't out of bullets.

Why was the last three months of his life spent breaking up with his girlfriend, ending his brilliant university career and ordering bullets all on the internet?  No one can physically put him ANYWHERE in those last three months.  Technically, anyone could have used his computer while he was kept in a drugged out state for later use.  Did you know the police FAILED to run a drug test - standard procedure - after his arrest?  Now there's no proof he was drugged or NOT drugged.

Did you know his father was supposed to testify to Congress about who was particularly responsible for the financial downfall of America?  Research his father had been doing for sometime and was prepared to offer up his findings in public before the Senate.  After the shooting at the theater, that testimony before the Senate NEVER took place.

In case you haven't noticed, we've already lost our First Amendment rights (The Patriot Act), not to mention the Right of Assembly, and now we are about to lose the Second Amendment.  Why?  Because if the Government disarms us, how can we fight back when they finally break the "Camel's back"?  When the American people have had enough and get off their asses and cry - "You're not taking one more thing away from us!"  By that time only the Government will have guns and we won't.

Did you know that the National Guard has been told that during a crisis - guns will be collected FIRST before aide, food or water is administered?  During Hurricane Katrina people were sitting on the roof of their houses and nowhere near their guns (which were under water!) and the National Guard and FEMA still took the guns first and foremost?  Did you know that any family that has prepared for an emergency by storing food, water and guns (known as Preppers) have been labeled Terrorists by their own Government?  There is documented proof of this edict in a handout given to the National Guard by our Government.

I realize that I'm putting my life and career on the line making my concerns public.  Even if all of you ignore me, the Government won't.  I'll go on a list at the minimum.  Or, if they are finally tired of me speaking out, I'll suddenly commit suicide - get murdered in a home invasion - die in a car crash - or have a heart attack (the Gov's fav technique because no one questions it).  But I would rather be killed than remain silent as I watch the country I love crumble before my eyes knowing I could have said something.

I'm just sayin'...

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