Monday, December 10, 2012

The end is near... I'm just sayin'

So, here we are half way - or should I say - a third of the way through December 2012 and out here in the high desert it's a beautiful sunny day.  Doesn't feel like we're staring down the barrel of the end of the world, does it?  Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and some guy by the name of Pane Andov have until the 21st or the end of this month to put up or shut up.

Still, one of the top shows on television is Doomsday Preppers, a show about how people are preparing for the end of the world; economic collapse; nuclear meltdown; an EMP attack; the shifting of the poles - you name it, somebody out there is planning for it by storing food, water, weapons and batteries.

Of course if you believe in planning for an emergency - regardless of what occurs or what it looks like - but live paycheck to paycheck as it is, you're not going to be able to do much storing or buying of anything.  Just trying to get through each month is burden enough.  And what if the car breaks down or you have to take a pet to the vet?  That is known as "the month from hell".  Or the circus - seeing on how you have to juggle your life from one end to the other to fit that expense in with the bills you have trouble paying in the first place.

Some people are building elaborate bunkers in their back yards or on a piece of land that they own.  They have more guns than a militia or enough food to feed twenty people for five years even though they are only a family of four - not counting the dog.  Some are growing gardens, raising chickens and pigs or teaching their shih tzu how to kill.

Now you can bet your second marriage that if I had the money, I'd be right there among them because I can almost certainly guarantee you that the government will not be saving my butt if there is a national disaster.  Remember, it took FEMA five days just to get water to the Super Dome and that only involved one area!

Then there are the people who are so busy living their daily lives that they are oblivious to any possible crisis that may occur.  Wars, major disasters and the like happen elsewhere - not here - and certainly not to them.  They are looking forward to their vacation, the prom, graduating from somewhere, changing jobs, getting a job, Christmas, shopping for presents, getting married, getting divorced, buying that thing that they have always wanted, or what is showing this weekend on cable or in the theater.

But I wonder if they would feel differently if they knew the government was prepping too?  Giant tunnels leading to enormous natural caverns that have been turned into underground cities and gotten to by bullet trains that are needed above ground but run only under it.  They are stocked with food, water and seeds to last several lifetimes.  How can they afford it if we are on some fiscal financial cliff which could spell disaster for one and all?  Taxes, of course.  You know, that thing you worked the first quarter of the year to pay before the rest of your paycheck belongs to you.  Yes, the government gets to spend our money for its pet projects and their own salaries while the general public waits with bated breath to learn whether social security will continue or if they will dole out money to the fifty states for the improvement of our roads and bridges.

So is there a point to this blog, you wonder?  No.  I just wanted to use the words "kill" and "shih tzu" in the same sentence.

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