Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Co-inky-dink? or You Do The Math.

A Bulgarin television show thinks it is cursed.  Apparently, their guests are dying off at an alarming rate.  You decide.

Otechestven Front specialises in real-life guests who have done extraordinary things.  But bosses at Nova TV are considering cancelling the program after the fate of some guests caused the Bulgarian show to be called cursed. 

The first victim – a brutal former crook identified only by his criminal nickname Marin ‘The Rose’ – simply collapsed and died within days of appearing on the show two years ago.  Another victim was ‘miracle mum’ Ivanka Arsova 62, who had a statue of the Virgin Mary that cried real tears.  Two days after the show, a stranger appeared at her door and said God was ‘calling her’. ‘Within a week she had died of undiagnosed cancer.  She had seemed completely healthy until then,’ local press reports said. Other victims include a disabled charity worker, a former prostitute and a drug addict who committed suicide on the way home from filming.  The latest victim – herbalist Halil Baev – died last month when he rushed back into his burning home after being rescued so he could save his black cat. 

‘We are aware of what is being said about the show and we are looking into it. It might be that we need to change the format,’ said a channel spokesman. 

Okay, lets do some math here.  McDonalds employs 25% of the American work force.  How many of their employees die after work?  Are they closing down because some of their employees die?  And doesn't everyone die eventually?

How many people fly in airplanes year after year?  Does everyone boycott airplanes because people die after flying - regardless of when or how?  Movies about cheating death aside.

And what about the amount of people who actually do die in car crashes.  Is anyone considering giving up their cars or are the automakers considering stopping production?

And lets look closer at these real-life guests who have done extraordinary things.  A brutal former crook...hmm, could it be that all that bad stuff finally caught up with him?  They say karma's a b*tch. 

 And what about miracle mum with the crying Virgin Mary?  She was 62.  Not a spring chicken (not that at 54, I'm terribly happy about her dying so young!).  Maybe the cancer was unknown and (apparently) pain-free because she HAD a crying Virgin Mary.  At least she got a notice ahead of time.  

How many drug addicts commit suicide every year? And some of us actually consider the act of taking drugs as committing suicide all by itself.  

As for prostitution it is a dangerous business - just from the exposure to diseases alone.  Since they didn't mention what she had died from, could we associate it with her former trade?  

And herbalist Halil Baev would not be the first person to put their life on the line to save someone they love.  Pet owners especially.

Now, is it because of exposure to this show or is it the fact that they were 'extraordinary people'?  Hmm.  Somebody better warn Oprah.  

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