Friday, May 13, 2011

Oooh, Nice Muscles OR Red-U-Cation

At my age there are only a couple of things that make me salivate all over myself; a man's muscled arms or a RED cinema camera.  Barring a trip to the gym or the beach, I'll be getting my jollies by going to the RED OPEN HOUSE.  Follow...

Thursday May 26th, 6pm - 10pm
RED Studios Hollywood 
846 North Cahuenga Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90038

RED OPEN HOUSE is a unique opportunity to spend time at RED Studios Hollywood to hang with your industry peers, see the latest gear from RED Digital Cinema and all the partner companies that support the RED workflows for production and post.

We will be showcasing the new RED, EPIC and Scarlet cameras as well as screening the brand new EPIC 4k Reel, the new short film "Tattoo" Shot all on EPICs, produced by RED Studios, and a never before seen RED shot movie short that will make everyone smile and laugh! Both "Tattoo" and this new short were finished in 4k Resolution, so this is a rare opportunity to see what the RED ONE and EPIC cameras can do when finished at the highest finished resolution that's possible to screen today.

*This event is open to the public. Drinks and light snacks will be served during the event.
Register for REDucation Open House *Seats are limited*

The week of REDucation begins with the 3 day intensive class. The class provides a fully immersive, hands on, practical training and teaching of the RED Digital Cinema camera packages (RED ONE & EPIC) and post gear for both on set and post production workflows.  Students will use the same production and post production equipment that is working on some of the world's biggest movies and TV shows. They will be able to screen the RED footage they shot in 4k resolution on a giant theater screen at the RED Studios.  The learning continues with the option to attend any one of the 2 day advanced track classes to encompass a full week of RED training with your focus in mind.

RED DIGITAL CINEMA creates the highest resolution and performance Digital Motion picture cameras available today.  What started as a garage project in Southern California in 2006 to create a digital version of a movie camera (respectful to the logic and quality of 35mm film), has just a few years later, become a major industry force with 3 Academy Award winning movies and numerous Academy Award nominated movies. Movies like, "The Social Network", "District 9",  "The Lincoln Lawyer",  "The Informant",  "Book of Eli"  and the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" are just to name a few recent releases shot on RED cameras. 

In 2010 RED purchased the historic RenMar studios in the heart of Hollywood as a continued commitment to the movie industry. RED Studios Hollywood continues hosting productions of many of the major films that will be out in theaters worldwide over the next year, as well as numerous commercials, music videos and other productions that vary in all size and scope.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not talking Arnold muscled arms - I'm talking arms that break a sweat - not taking 'roids!

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