Friday, May 6, 2011

Talking the talk or Put your money where you mouth is...

Let me tell you about Mira Tweti.  Mira is doing what I've been dreaming about doing, but she is ACTUALLY doing it.  Helping people.  Mira is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist (Los Angeles Times, New York Times, LA Weekly, et al) and an author finishing her 3rd book.   Mira's last doc was an animal welfare film and was accepted into 23 film fests around the world.

Ms. Tweti has a bona fide non-profit, 502c3 which she uses to fund her documentary about helping unemployed, or minimum wage farm workers become farm owners in the Bakersfield/Buttonwillow area and has been doing so for the last 18 months.  You can google her name to see her work.  Her film has already been accepted into the Blue Planet film fest, a highly praised festival celebrating environmental and animal welfare films started in LA two years ago.  Blue Planet is a non-profit to profit the planet.

Check it out:

April 15-17 at the Go Green Expo - LA
May 12-15, Tempe Arizona
June 16-19, New York City
and then back to Los Angeles in the fall

So if you've got equipment and/or are looking for work that is rewarding, Mira can get you screen credit and, being she's an official non-profit, you can write off your services on your taxes.  Get in touch with her and and do something worthwhile with your time.

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