Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can't get arrested in Hollywood OR What is Amazon Studios?

I'm always trying to give people the 'heads up' when opportunities come along to further their movie careers, be they writers, directors, producers, actors or filmmakers.  This is for info only.  I'm not endorsing - just sourcing!

What is Amazon Studios?

We believe 21st-century technology creates ways to make and share movies and scripts more easily than ever. We invite you to:
  • Win money. Amazon Studios will award a combined $2.7 million in our first year's worth of monthly and annual contests for the best scripts and movies. There is no charge to participate. Learn more.
  • Get noticed. Your work will be shared with a global community of filmmakers and fans, who can offer revisions and advice. Screenwriters can see their words come to life as full-length test movies made by directors vying for our $100,000 monthly awards.
  • Get your movie made. The goal of Amazon Studios is to work with Hollywood to turn the best projects into major feature films.

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